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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Export Eclipse Web Service to Tomcat
Date Wed, 05 Aug 2009 10:01:21 GMT
Toriacht wrote:
> I know (I think!) I need to File>Export>Web>WAR File. Is this correct? There
> must be more to it!!

What do the Eclipse docs say you need to do?

> What do I do with the .jars referenced in Java Build Path and Java EE Module
> dependencies - do these get added to the WAR or do I need to manually copy
> this to tomcat server. If so to what folder?

Sounds like you need to read the Servlet specification. JARs required by
your app should be packaged in the WAR. Tomcat will provide the J2EE
libraries appropriate for ta Servlet/JSP container.

> The web service references .config files on my c: drive that sets up JDBC
> driver etc. I probably need to change location of these files to a folder in
> Tomcat? What is protocol?

"What is protocol?" doesn't make any sense. Regardless, read the Tomcat
docs on JDBC resources.

> The service also references a log4j properties stored file in the src
> folder. Where should I put this on Tomcat server?

The log4j docs tell you where log4j looks for this file. The Servlet
spec will then tell you where to put the file so log4j finds it.

> The log4j properties file sets up a log file on my c: drive. I probabl need
> to edit location of log file, again what is protocol?

Again "What is protocol?" doesn't make sense. If you mean "Where are log
files normally placed?" then CATALINA_BASE/logs is the answer.

> Is there an easy way of testing the deployed .war is running correctly?

No error messages in the Tomcat logs == Tomcat thinks everything is OK.
Beyond that you'll have to test it yourself.

> Do I need to put the axis2 .jar on the Tomcat?

See answer regarding JARs above.

> As you can see they are basically a list of newbie questions. All help
> appreciated.

And most of these are answered in the appropriate docs. In terms of
help, read the docs, do some research, read this and then ask any
remaining questions.


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