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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: How to hide x-poweredBY response header
Date Tue, 04 Aug 2009 15:30:26 GMT
acastanheira2001 wrote:

> Folks,
> My conf/web.xml config is:
> <!-- ================== Common filter Configuration ==================== -->
>    <filter>
>       <filter-name>CommonHeadersFilter</filter-name>
> <filter-class>org.jboss.web.tomcat.filters.ReplyHeaderFilter</filter-class>
>       <init-param>
>          <param-name>X-Powered-By</param-name>
>          <param-value>Servlet 2.4; JBoss-4.2.0.GA_CP02 (build:
> SVNTag=JBPAPP_4_2_0_GA_CP02 date=200801291544)/Tomcat-5.5</param-value>
>       </init-param>
>    </filter>

> As we can see, xpoweredBy is set to false.
Maybe, but this has nothing to do with Tomcat.
As you mention yourself below :
> The says
> "xpoweredBy" has default "false".
That page is relative to the HTTP Connector of *Tomcat*.

It is *not* relative to a servlet filter belonging to JBoss.
To say this more clearly if needed : it looks like the above *filter* 
CommonHeadersFilter, which has a classname seeming to imply that it is 
developed by the JBoss people, is the one inserting this in the response.
The fact that JBoss seems to use Tomcat as their servlet engine (which 
they can do, considering it is free and open source), does not imply 
that they cannot add something to it of their own.
So you may want to go have a look at the JBoss site to find more info 
about this filter.
Or go and ask about it on a *JBoss forum*.
Or just remove that filter from your configuration, and see what happens.

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