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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Trouble setting up virtual host
Date Mon, 03 Aug 2009 16:09:30 GMT
Lisa D Beggs/AC/VCU wrote:
> I guess nobody is willing to help me any further on the below?

Just because you're called Lisa then...
Because, as Hassan mentioned, you already got all the answers.

There are 2 ways to do what you want.
And in both cases, your directory structure will change somewhat. 
That's how it is, no way around it.

#1 consists of renaming the existing ROOT application to something else, 
and then rename your application to ROOT.
This does not change the directory structure below whatever is the top 
directory of your application.  It just changes the top directory name 
of your application.
In other words, suppose you currently have

(tomcat installation directory)/webapps/ROOT/*
(tomcat installation directory)/webapps/YourApp/*

then "ROOT" should be renamed to "XYZ", and then "YourApp" should be 
renamed to ROOT.
That's it.
Except that you should stop Tomcat before you do that, and restart 
Tomcat when it's done.

#2 solution consists of using Virtual Hosts.
You already have one, although you probably don't know that.
It is represented by the single
<Host name="localhost"...>
section in your server.xml.
The trick consists of creating a second one, very similar but with some 
attributes changed in it.
But anyway, in that case, you will have to move your application, which 
is currently in
(tomcat installation directory)/webapps/YourApp/*
somewhere else.

So which one do you prefer ?

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