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From Toriacht <>
Subject Re: Export Eclipse Web Service to Tomcat
Date Wed, 05 Aug 2009 12:34:15 GMT

Hi Mark..

Thanks for your reply...

I apologise for the confusion. When I said 'what is the protocol' I wasn't
referring to a tech. protocol I just meant..'what is the usual procedure
/best practice...where are these files normally stored/referenced and so

I'm in work now but I'll attempt to deploy my app tonight when i get home...

Best regards and thanks...

Mark Thomas-18 wrote:
> Toriacht wrote:
>> I know (I think!) I need to File>Export>Web>WAR File. Is this correct?
>> There
>> must be more to it!!
> What do the Eclipse docs say you need to do?
>> What do I do with the .jars referenced in Java Build Path and Java EE
>> Module
>> dependencies - do these get added to the WAR or do I need to manually
>> copy
>> this to tomcat server. If so to what folder?
> Sounds like you need to read the Servlet specification. JARs required by
> your app should be packaged in the WAR. Tomcat will provide the J2EE
> libraries appropriate for ta Servlet/JSP container.
>> The web service references .config files on my c: drive that sets up JDBC
>> driver etc. I probably need to change location of these files to a folder
>> in
>> Tomcat? What is protocol?
> "What is protocol?" doesn't make any sense. Regardless, read the Tomcat
> docs on JDBC resources.
>> The service also references a log4j properties stored file in the src
>> folder. Where should I put this on Tomcat server?
> The log4j docs tell you where log4j looks for this file. The Servlet
> spec will then tell you where to put the file so log4j finds it.
>> The log4j properties file sets up a log file on my c: drive. I probabl
>> need
>> to edit location of log file, again what is protocol?
> Again "What is protocol?" doesn't make sense. If you mean "Where are log
> files normally placed?" then CATALINA_BASE/logs is the answer.
>> Is there an easy way of testing the deployed .war is running correctly?
> No error messages in the Tomcat logs == Tomcat thinks everything is OK.
> Beyond that you'll have to test it yourself.
>> Do I need to put the axis2 .jar on the Tomcat?
> See answer regarding JARs above.
>> As you can see they are basically a list of newbie questions. All help
>> appreciated.
> And most of these are answered in the appropriate docs. In terms of
> help, read the docs, do some research, read this
> and then ask any
> remaining questions.
> Mark
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