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From "Rainer Frey" <>
Subject Tomcat behind Apache reverse proxy
Date Tue, 11 Aug 2009 06:49:28 GMT
We develop an application that is heavily using different kind of web services 
(SOAP, Hessian) and only has few JSPs that are used with a browser. We bundle 
Tomcat (6.0.20) as server runtime.

Some customers (with varying degree of experience) want to use this behind 
Apache HTTPD as reverse proxy and ask us for instructions. 
What would you recommend to describe in a general instruction document without 
knowing more details of the customers environment, mod_proxy_http or 
mod_proxy_ajp? (I think mod_jk is an option mostly for knowledgable customers 
who have specific reasons to consider it).

I also try to keep the need for a customer to edit server.xml as a minimum, 
and put as much of the customizable values into

What is the effect of not setting proxyName and proxyPort on the connector in 
either case? Would that lead to invalid redirects? (Our application doesn't 
use ServletRequest#getServerName() or #getServerPort() directly.) With AJP, 
isn't that information also available in the protocol request and set 
automatically by the AJP connector?

I also have an ideo for a (maybe dirty) hack: if I always put the proxyName 
and proxyPort attributes in server.xml, and use properties that expand to 
empty values by default, will this work in case there is no proxy in the 

e.g. in server.xml:
<Connector .... proxyName="${}" proxyPort="${proxy.port}" .../>

and in

Thanks for any input

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