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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Trouble setting up virtual host
Date Mon, 27 Jul 2009 21:17:50 GMT

at this point :

1) I (nor anyone here) can really help you if the workstations, for some 
reason, cannot connect to that server using port 80.
That is a matter for your local network people, and you must solve it 
with them.

2) if, as according to one of preceding posts, it is finally likely that 
other people/applications will want to use this same physical server, 
and if they would also like their own other application to be the 
default application, then you /will/ have to use "virtual hosts".

Each separate virtual host can have its own "webapps" directory, and so 
also its own "default application" (known as "ROOT application in Tomcat).
Each such virtual host would also need to have a different hostname, so 
they could not use the same name "" to 
access *their* application as the default.
They would need for instance some other name like

The easiest way to show you how that works, would be for you to send me 
the complete server.xml file, as it is now, to my private email address 
(it will probably be too large for the list).
I will modify it, and send it back to you.

But better to make sure first that the workstations can at least connect 
to your application as it is now, using either port 80 or port 8080, and 
using the URL : or :8080)/InfoViewApp

Then we will change server.xml so that they can access the application 
as just or :8080)/

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