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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Trouble setting up virtual host
Date Mon, 27 Jul 2009 19:42:18 GMT
Lisa D Beggs/AC/VCU wrote:
> From:
> André Warnier <>
> To:
> Tomcat Users List <>
> Date:
> 07/27/2009 03:18 PM
> Subject:
> Re: Trouble setting up virtual host
> Lisa D Beggs/AC/VCU wrote:
>> I am sorry, I don't usually post on forums.  I am sorry if I am making 
>> this difficult to read.  I hope this is better.  I am only copying what 
>> you are giving me and then responding.
> Lisa, let's take this a little bit at a time.
> The reason why your messages are difficult to read, is because there is 
> very little visual difference between the original message, and what you 
> reply.  So it is hard to see the difference.
> If you are subscribed to this forum, presumably you get these list 
> messages in your email "inbox".
> If you just hit the "reply" button, unless you have some funny email 
> program, it should in some way highlight what was part of the original 
> message. (Like this previous paragraph).
> To type your response, just position below the original paragraph you 
> want to respond to, leave a blank line, and type your response.
> Then hit "Send". It should automatically send your response to the 
> Tomcat list.
> Go ahead, try it with this message, right now.
> Type a line just below here and hit "Send" :
> I have Lotus Notes......I do not see anything different when I hit Reply, 
> only when it comes back to me from where you reply does it look different. 
>  I assume even if I bold or highlight it, it's not coming through on your 
> end?

Well, that has at least the benefit of showing us that it is not 
entirely your fault.  You do have a crummy email program, at least for 
answering on mailing lists.  It does indeed not make a difference 
between the original message and your answer.
Maybe there are options you can set for that somewhere ?

If there are none, then do the following :
- keep leaving a blank line between the original question, and your answer.
- Star your answers with


That will at least allow the people here not to have to strain their 
eyes to figure out what was the question and what is the answer.

P.S. You may also consider installing another email client on your PC 
(like Thunderbird), and use that one to send questions and receive 

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