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From Juha Laiho <>
Subject Re: what is the upper limit of maximum heap memory for Tomcat with 32-bit JVM running on Red Hat Linux 4 (32-bit)
Date Fri, 24 Jul 2009 20:33:59 GMT
Li,Henry wrote:
> Yes, there is memory leak from application. We contact the application vendor
> and they do not have patches to fix it for the version which we are using. So
> what we need is a partial/dirty fix to mimimize the recycle times.
> Upgrading the application will be a project which requires lots approvals.

Ah, I see. Not a good situation to be in, and raising the heap size really
is more or less the only workaround you can provide for the time being.

To André; it's rather seldom where an extra GC would help in a situation
like this: GC will anyway have run (possibly several times) before the
OutOfMemoryError is thrown. The issue is that some class is packratting
recerences to objects no longer needed - and as there's someone still
referencing these objects, they cannot be freed by GC.

What _could_ help (but then, this would need rather intricate inspection of
the application), would be to amend the current application with classes that
can find their way to the structure containing the outdated recerences and
set them to null. But then, this would require:
- initially locating the offending class and data structure held by it
- designing and building a mechanism to release the redundant objects
- (third and possibly hardest) getting permission to deploy such
  homebrewn changes to the application

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