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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Trouble setting up virtual host
Date Thu, 23 Jul 2009 14:41:05 GMT
Lisa D Beggs/AC/VCU wrote:
> Can you tell us first under what kind of host this Tomcat is running ? 
> Is it a Unix system, a Linux system, a Windows system ?
> We are running Windows Server 2003
> Second :
> I am going to ask some pretty basic questions.  Can you answer them, 
> even if you think that they are stupid, or that you have already 
> answered them ?  That will give us some insight into the situation, to 
> help you quicker.
> Q1 : I presume that this, until now, is a working server. Yes/No ?  Yes
> Q2: If yes, how do the users access it now ? What exact URL do they type 
> in the browser location bar, to access the homepage of this server ? 
> They used to type in http://adm138:8080/InfoViewApp - until I changed the 
> port to 80 so now it is http://adm138/InfoViewApp - we want them to now be 
> able to type in or to be able to 
> get to that same page just easier to remember url for them
> Q3: Still if yes, does that same URL work from all workstations, and do 
> they all get the same page for the same URL ? And which page is that ? 
> Yes, when they type in that page they get 
> http://adm138/InfoViewApp/logon.jsp and this is what I need the DNS names 
> to be redirected to.
Allright, let's continue step by step, based on the above.

a) Open a Windows command window.

b) Type "nslookup adm138"
The last line of the response is an IP address.  What is it ?

c) Type "nslookup"
The last line of the response is an IP address.  What is it ?

when the users now type the following URL in their browser :
what page do they see ?

Is it the same page as when you type this URL in your browser :

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