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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Trouble setting up virtual host
Date Wed, 22 Jul 2009 22:48:46 GMT
Lisa D Beggs/AC/VCU wrote:
> The default Tomcat page is what I get if I try to enter that on the server 
> hosting Tomcat & Crystal Reports my configuration in the 
> server.xml file must be incorrect.
> If I try to type in the webpage from another computer it can not find the 
> page.
Ok, Lisa, we're here to serve, no matter what comes...

Can you tell us first under what kind of host this Tomcat is running ? 
Is it a Unix system, a Linux system, a Windows system ?
And if it is a Unix or Linux system, which kind ?
(if you don't know, either ask around or enter "uname -a" in a console 
window on the server and tell us the result).

Second :
I am going to ask some pretty basic questions.  Can you answer them, 
even if you think that they are stupid, or that you have already 
answered them ?  That will give us some insight into the situation, to 
help you quicker.

Q1 : I presume that this, until now, is a working server. Yes/No ?

Q2: If yes, how do the users access it now ? What exact URL do they type 
in the browser location bar, to access the homepage of this server ?

Q3: Still if yes, does that same URL work from all workstations, and do 
they all get the same page for the same URL ? And which page is that ?

Q4: Have you ever configured a webserver before (Tomcat or other) ?

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