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From El Tonno <>
Subject Re: Monitoring Tomcat
Date Wed, 22 Jul 2009 17:30:58 GMT
dori wrote:
> thanks for the reply. Does this also give you information about how many
> errors users may have received, and posiible the time and load (at the time
> of) of those errors?

If you can identify that an error occurred, yes. For example, if an 
Exception is thrown,
you would catch it at the top servlet, then update a counter value 
accordingly. This value can then
be graphed. The Tomcat load would be the number of servlets currently 
running, also a
graphable "gauge" etc.

But it's all manual work, nothing general. Plus, RRDtool has its nasty 
quirks and I had to embed it into lots of
Perl to automate tasks. If you are interested, I can upload it, but it 
does not exactly have the smoothness of
an RPM installation.

Still, the results can be nice:

I haven't looked at Lambda Probe though. As I am being pushed to JBoss 
now, this might be a
good occasion.

Best regards,

-- David

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