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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Fwd: Is it not possible to install apache-tomcat-6.0.20 with a J2SE 5 JRE: A new development
Date Wed, 22 Jul 2009 12:21:38 GMT

I am not trying to "bully" you or anything of the kind.
I have been watching this thread as a spectator, and I was just trying 
to convey to you the following :
There are people here trying to help you, for free.
To be able to do that, they need, at least :
- that you provide all relevant information
- that when they ask a question, you answer the question
This anti-virus thing was valuable information, and it may be at the 
bottom of your problems.  But it took about 10 posts before you 
mentioned these messages, thus leading several would-be helpers into 
probably bad directions.
Similarly, it looks a bit like every item of information has to be 
pulled out of you bit by bit.
In other words, much of your pain looks self-inflicted.

That was the sense of my comment.  Which, I admit, was made in a rather 
sarcastic way, for which I apologise if it shocked you.

Now, to redeem myself, here are my suggestions :

- turn off any anti-virus or similar software that might be running
- de-install whatever Tomcat software you have installed, using the 
installer/deinstaller package
- verify that you do not have any "remainders" anywhere of these 
installations (in the Windows "Services" display, in the disk directory 
where you installed Tomcat, and in the "Start.. Settings.. System 
..Software" dialog).

When everything is clean :

- download the "zip" version of Tomcat for Windows, from the Tomcat website.
- unzip it in a directory.  I suggest a sensible directory name, without 
spaces in the name, like c:\tomcat6.
This is now your "CATALINA_HOME" directory (and also, by default, your 
"CATALINA_BASE" directory). Remember this, it is important.
- in the directory CATALINA_HOME/bin, you will then find a script called 
"startup.bat".  Open a command window, navigate to that directory, and 
run that script.
This should start Tomcat, interactively, in that command window.
This is only to verify that nothing else is wrong on your system to run 
Tomcat (like available ports, etc..).
- you should now be able to access Tomcat with a browser, at 
- to stop Tomcat, type "CTRL-C" in the command window.

Once you have done the above, then you can try to install Tomcat as a 
For that, run the script "CATALINA_HOME/bin/service.bat install"
(you can also edit this script, to see what it is doing)

When you have run this script, you will have essentially done the same 
as what the "exe" installer package for Tomcat is doing.  But you will 
have much more control and understanding of what is going on, and where 
things may get stuck.

You should now be able to start and stop Tomcat using the commands
net start tomcat6
net stop tomcat6
(the name "tomcat6" above to be replaced by the correct Windows Service 
name for Tomcat)
or by using "My Computer..Manage..Services and Applications)

If you want, you can then remove the Tomcat service again, by running 
"service.bat remove", and try again to install the whole thing from the 
"exe" installer version.

Additional information, harder to find in the on-line documentation :

- the "tomcat6.exe" program that comes with the Windows version of 
Tomcat, is a "Windows Service wrapper" for Tomcat.  It is there because 
the JVM, on its own, does not handle very well the requirements of 
Windows Services.
So, when later you run Tomcat, you are really running "tomcat6.exe", 
which in turn starts the JVM, which in turn runs Tomcat.
This "tomcat6.exe" wrapper, in order to know which JVM to use with which 
parameters, takes these parameters from the Windows Registry.
How do they get there ? that is the next section.

- There is another program in the CATALINA_HOME/bin directory, named 
"tomcat6w.exe" (the same name as before, with a "w" at the end).
The "tomcat6w.exe" is a GUI setup program, whose role is to set up the 
appropriate parameters in the Windows Registry, so that "tomcat6.exe" 
can later find them.  You can run "tomcat6w.exe" by clicking on it, and 
you will get a window that shows you how to proceed.

Basically, the "service.bat" script, invokes this "tomcat6w.exe" in 
command-line mode, and tells it what to do.

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