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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: chunked encoding
Date Wed, 15 Jul 2009 17:38:59 GMT
Anthony J. Biacco wrote:
> I'd like to re-open my initial chunking problem briefly here, and maybe move it to apache/modules-dev

Maybe more like the Apache users list though.

Let's maybe summarise the issue first.
Your configuration is :
client <-> apache httpd with mod_deflate <-> mod_jk <-> Tomcat

The responses are generated by Tomcat, but you have to see this a bit 
differently.  As far as Apache httpd is concerned, the "response 
handler" or "content generator" is mod_jk.  Apache does not really know 
or care that there is a Tomcat behind.  It just passes a request to 
mod_jk, and gets a response in return.

The real "culprit" here for your chunked encoding and lack of 
content-length header is mod_deflate (as Rainer indicated).
It has to do that, because it compresses the response on-the-fly, and 
does not know the compressed response size in advance.

There are quite a few possibilities to "tailor" the behaviour of 
mod_deflate, so maybe you want to have a look again at
before anything else.

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