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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: chunked encoding
Date Mon, 13 Jul 2009 23:54:16 GMT
charliehnabble wrote:
> I debated putting this in a separate thread, but there seems to be so much
> expertise focused on this thread:
> What if I WANT chunked?
> I have a device that sends http POST header and xml request payload in one
> packet. Tomcat responds chunked. However when an intervening router decides
> to split the http POST header and xml request into two packets, Tomcat
> responds non-chunked.

On the face of it, that does not seem to make any sense.  Whether Tomcat 
sends the response chunked or not, shouldn't have anything to do with 
the way the request comes in.  At least not with whether it comes in as 
one or two "packets" (definition of packet needed here).
It could have something to do with an "accept-encoding" HTTP request 
header however.

  My device wants chunked response.

Hate to say this, but your device is wrong. It should be able to accept 
a response chunked or not.

> Any way to force Tomcat to respond chunked?

I believe Tomcat will send the response chunked, if it doesn't know how 
long the response will be when it sends out the first response headers.
If your app tells Tomcat by setting a Content-length header, then you're 

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