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From Emilio Recio <>
Subject Sticky session and ModJK Load Balancer
Date Mon, 06 Jul 2009 17:15:02 GMT
i have installed Apache 2.2 and two Tomcat 6 whit load balancing in 
cluster mode using "mod_jk" module and setting sticky session in TRUE, 
and memory replication. I was testing my project and work perfect.
We have a dilemma using sticky session or not using it, with my team work.
Setting sticky-session in TRUE, it works fine, even when one tomcat 
fails-over. When set to FALSE i can see that the session have some data 
loss, and the project start to fail.
I was reading the book Professional Apache Tomcat 6, goggle searches and 
all kind of information in the net. The recommendation is: use 
sticky-session in TRUE with memory replication.
Nobody mention concrete arguments, and need that to make a report to the 
system administrator, to make him understand why we need to use 
sticky-session in TRUE.

My best regards,
Emilio Recio

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