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From Jim Anderson <>
Subject Re: JSP when tag question
Date Sat, 04 Jul 2009 17:52:15 GMT


Thank you to 'pid' and yourself. I spent quite a few hours
going over the source HTML from Firefox and fixed some
problems (e.g. an tag with no closing tag) and fixed some
inefficient code. I was getting very  inconsistent results
and went through a number of iterations. This was to
follow pid's suggestion.

Then started to respond to your suggestion about the tablib
libraries, etc. I have a number of jsp files using include
statements. Lo and behold, I did not have a taglib directive!
I'm embarrassed to say this, since I know better. I really
thought I had already done it, but I guess at the time I was
going to add the directive, I got distracted and failed to do it.

Having said that, I'm a bit surprised that there was not
error message generate by  tomcat about seeing a reference
to <c:choose> and <c:xxx> with no definition available.

Thanks, again.


David Smith wrote:
> Following up on what Pid suggested, when you look at the output (view
> source in the browser), can you see the <c:choose> and <c:when> tags
> still present?  Can you offer us a little more info like what you have
> declared for taglibs at the top of this jsp and what's in your webapp's
> WEB-INF/lib folder?
> --David
> Jim Anderson wrote:
>>  3   This is a JSP issue. I have unsuccessfully searched for a JSP
>>  4   support forum so I figured I will start here since the Tomcat
>>  5   container processes JSP. If this is question is inappropriate,
>>  6   I apologize. If you can point me to a better forum, please do.
>>  8   The environment is Tomcat 6.0.18 on Linux using Firefox 2.0.
>> I'm writing my first JSP program and I'm having a problem
>> with the <c:when> construct. I have a bean that contains
>> a property named 'midContent'. When the program segment
>> is entered, the bean, BFSInfo, has it's midContent property
>> set to 'page2'. The when tag test evaluates to false, yet
>> the code within the when tag is executed. Here is the
>> code segment:
>> 18         <c:choose>
>> 19         <c:when test="${BFSInfo.midContent == 'page1'}">
>> 20             T/F = ${BFSInfo.midContent == 'page1'}
>> 21             <br></br>
>> 22             INFO EL is ${BFSInfo.midContent}
>> 23         </c:when>
>> 24         ...
>> 25         </c:choose>
>> When run, the lines inside the 'when' construct print the
>> following on the web page:
>> 31     T/F = false
>> 32     INFO EL is page2
>> The test expression of line 19 is evaluated again at
>> line 20 and the result is 'false' as shown at line 31.
>> The output produced by line 22 is shown at
>> line 32 and confirms that the value of midContent is 'page2'.
>> Can someone explain why the code inside
>> the '<c:when>' tag is executed when
>> the test on line 19 appears to be evaluating to false?
>> Thanks you in advance.
>>  Jim Anderson
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