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From Jim Anderson <>
Subject JSP when tag question
Date Fri, 03 Jul 2009 12:29:14 GMT

  3   This is a JSP issue. I have unsuccessfully searched for a JSP
  4   support forum so I figured I will start here since the Tomcat
  5   container processes JSP. If this is question is inappropriate,
  6   I apologize. If you can point me to a better forum, please do.

  8   The environment is Tomcat 6.0.18 on Linux using Firefox 2.0.

 I'm writing my first JSP program and I'm having a problem
 with the <c:when> construct. I have a bean that contains
 a property named 'midContent'. When the program segment
 is entered, the bean, BFSInfo, has it's midContent property
 set to 'page2'. The when tag test evaluates to false, yet
 the code within the when tag is executed. Here is the
 code segment:

 18         <c:choose>
 19         <c:when test="${BFSInfo.midContent == 'page1'}">
 20             T/F = ${BFSInfo.midContent == 'page1'}
 21             <br></br>
 22             INFO EL is ${BFSInfo.midContent}
23         </c:when>
 24         ...
 25         </c:choose>

 When run, the lines inside the 'when' construct print the
 following on the web page:

 31     T/F = false
 32     INFO EL is page2
 The test expression of line 19 is evaluated again at
 line 20 and the result is 'false' as shown at line 31.
 The output produced by line 22 is shown at
 line 32 and confirms that the value of midContent is 'page2'.
 Can someone explain why the code inside
 the '<c:when>' tag is executed when
 the test on line 19 appears to be evaluating to false?

 Thanks you in advance.

  Jim Anderson

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