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Subject Re: tomcat session is not releasing
Date Thu, 02 Jul 2009 09:44:47 GMT
On 2/7/09 06:50, jayesh.m@BIRLASOFT.COM wrote:
> Hi,
> Please find detailed problem statement below

These are details about your problem, not about your setup.
What (exact) version of Tomcat are you using?

> 1) Our Application is developed in Java and its an web based application
> so we use TOMCAT as web server. We deploy the Application on HP-UX mach
> ine. And we are using connection pooling to connect with the database.

Pedant Police: "Tomcat", not "TOMCAT", not "TomCat", nor tOmCaT etc.

> 2) During the Deployment we need to stop and start the TOMCAT server
> lots of times. Afte
> r successful deployment when we monitor our database we found that
> hundreds of J
> DBC sessions are connected with oracle with different log-on time.

So you don't mean Tomcat user sessions, do you mean JDBC Connections?

Are you properly closing the connection each time you use one?  It 
sounds like you aren't.


> 3) Now if we kill the session its status shows "KILLED" and its SPID not
> shown in the V$PRO
> CESS table we need to kill it either using "IMMEDIATE" or at OS level
> using "KIL
> L -9 SPID"
> 4) Now this is our problem that sessions were not released automatically
> after shutdown the TOMCAT web sever. Each time we need to kill all
> session
> manually.
> Note: In Windows environment sessions are released successfully after
> shutdown the TOMCAT webserver.
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> Subject: Re: tomcat session is not releasing
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> Jayesh,
> On 7/1/2009 4:27 AM, jayesh.m@BIRLASOFT.COM wrote:
>> In our HP UX server the tomcat session is not releasing from database
>> even after closing the session.
>> Please suggest us how can we resolve the issue
> I would suggest you post details about your setup: Tomcat does not use a
> database for session management by default.
> - -chris
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