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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Configuring Tomcat to run as a service
Date Wed, 01 Jul 2009 22:48:38 GMT
Rosborough, Derrick D. wrote:
> Yeah, I started here,
>, but
> it just didn't make much sense. I've never used Tomcat, please forgive
> me for my ignorance. I've been digging around and that's what lead me to
> the list. Do I include the //? Thanks, I'll keep trying to figure it
> out.
Ok, that's better.  At least it shows you tried, which your original 
posting was not very clear about.

Nutshell :
Starting at the main Tomcat page, you get to 
the download page.
There, you find 2 different versions for Windows :
- a "zip" version
- an "exe" version

They are a bit different :

- the easiest for a beginner is probably the "exe" version.  That one, 
you just download and run.  It will ask some questions, and then it will 
automatically (in most cases) install and start Tomcat as a Windows service.
You can then stop it and restart it using the same methods as you would 
for other Windows services.

- the zip version contains all the same files as a Unix/Linux version 
(and some additional files compared with the exe version).  To "install" 
it, you just unzip this in a directory of your choice.
Then, you can immediately use it to run Tomcat in a command window, by 
running the "startup.bat" script.
(As long as you already have a Java JRE 1.5 or higher installed on your 
system, and a system environment variable JAVA_HOME pointing to that 
Java JRE).
You can also install it as a windows service, by running the 
"install.bat" script.

About the page at :

In my experience, that page is only understandable by qualified Tomcat 
gurus black-belt 1st dan, after having played around with a Windows 
Tomcat for a few weeks...
So, install the exe version, get your Tomcat running or not, and come 
back if you have any questions.

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