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From charliehnabble <>
Subject Re: chunked encoding
Date Tue, 14 Jul 2009 13:11:06 GMT

awarnier wrote:
> charliehnabble wrote:
>> What if I WANT chunked?
>> I have a device that sends http POST header and xml request payload in
>> one
>> packet. Tomcat responds chunked. However when an intervening router
>> decides
>> to split the http POST header and xml request into two packets, Tomcat
>> responds non-chunked.
> On the face of it, that does not seem to make any sense.  Whether Tomcat 
> sends the response chunked or not, shouldn't have anything to do with 
> the way the request comes in.  At least not with whether it comes in as 
> one or two "packets" (definition of packet needed here).
> It could have something to do with an "accept-encoding" HTTP request 
> header however.

Excuse me, by "packet" I meant IP datagram. See, there's a router in the
path that splits my POST into two IP datagrams, one containing the http
header and one contining the http payload (an xml message). It also adds
a "connection:close: header. Apparently splitting the http message and
adding "connection:close" cause Tomcat to send non-chunked.

BTW, Tomcat also doesn't send a content-length header, so if it's not
chunked I don't know how long the message is.

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