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From "Bontempi, Chris" <>
Subject Stranded Threads in Standalone Tomcat 5.5.25 Server
Date Fri, 19 Jun 2009 21:40:18 GMT
I know this problem sounds familiar, but I can't find anything in the
archives that quite fits what's going on.  We're running a 5.5.25 Tomcat
server on HP/UX 11.11.  We have several installations like this, and
they are all functioning properly, without this particular problem,
except one.  Our installation process is comprehensive, so it's unlikely
there's a minor piece that is different, but we believe anything is
possible; however, we're completely stuck on what to look at that we
haven't already looked at, and we believe we have run through everything
we can think of.
The problem is a steadily increasing number of threads in the tomcat
server, all executing the same Axis 2.0 service -- a know service we
wrote, the exact same code that works properly on many other servers on
a total of three different platforms.  That service is exactly the same
on every system we have installed it on, the Java versions (HP/UX JVM
1.4.2_13) and operating system versions, the Tomcat versions and the
Axis 2 versions are all the same.  But only on one server do threads
linger, until the limit is reached and the server stops accepting
connections.  The ports they are accessing appear in varying states,
including ESTABLISHED, TIME_WAIT and FIN_WAIT_2, although we have
managed to reduce the last state by implementing a 60-second timeout for
the FIN_WAIT_2 state.  If we bump maxThreads in server.xml, it only
delays the limit being reached.  Changing connectionTimeout has no
effect, as most threads live far beyond the default setting anyway.
Again, we have checked HP/UX, Tomcat, Java, Axis2 and our application
software, and these things are all the same on every system.  We have
also tried replacing Tomcat, Axis2 and our software with known fresh
installs, but the behavior hasn't changed.  We can't find anything that
fits on this list archive, nor with google.  Can anyone think of what
other parts of the system I can look at, or what else I can try in order
to diagnose the issue here?  We have tried looking at Tomcat with lsof,
but I can't find anything helpful there.  I have read about thread
dumps, but I'm not sure how to do that or what to make of them, but I'm
going to read up on that next.  Again, this does not sound like a known
problem, because we're not using Apache or AJP.
Please send any constructive responses to
Thanks and regards,
Chris Bontempi
Resource Management Solutions
McKesson Provider Technologies
Hamden Home Office (203) 288-3491
Hadley Office (413) 587-6529
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