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From "Steve B." <>
Subject How do I support a login form embedded in templates
Date Mon, 29 Jun 2009 17:58:09 GMT
I suspect this question has been answered before - unfortunately, I 
cannot find the key words to find my answer(s) in archives, etc.

I understand that Tomcat's FORM authorization setup expects me to secure 
URL's and then let Tomcat invoke the login form before proceeding to 
these URL's when requested.

However, I have a site for which we are creating a new layout which 
includes a small login form in the left column. Throughout the site we 
use roles defined in the web.xml (checked using isUserInRole() ). I see 
many sites use this layout-embedded login form, so I expect there is 
some way to set this up in Tomcat. Can someone point me at some info? I 
am using Struts in case that matters.

I see many sites use this concept of putting the login form in the 
template - does this setup require me to abandon Tomcat's 
authentication/authorization mechanisms? My site has many pages and 
features which all use the isUserInRole() - I dread having to recode the 
whole site just for a simple login form.

TIA for answers or links-to-answers,

Steve B.

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