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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: View/Modify Log Files from Remote
Date Sun, 28 Jun 2009 13:10:38 GMT
Sibil87 wrote:
> awarnier wrote:
>> Sibil87 wrote:
>>> How can I access Log files of Tomcat from Remote just using the
>>> Administration and Tomcat Manager pages?
>> As far as I know, you can not.
> mmm...I'm developing a Servlet hosted on a remote machine and I need to see
> the log files or the console output to check errors...
> There isn't really a way to do that?! How someone is supposed to develop
> Servlet without having directly access to the machine that host tomcat?!
Well, one could argue that in such a case, you should develop and test 
on a machine to which you have access, and move it to the other one 
later... ;-)

What kind of machine is it, and what kind of access /do/ you have ?
Can you start/stop Tomcat on that machine ? can you change the Tomcat 
configuration ? and if yes, how ?

It may also help to provide some additional info, like Tomcat version etc..

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