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From "Steve Ochani" <>
Subject Re: compiling mod_jk1.2.28 with apache2.2.9 on windows 2003 server help needed.
Date Thu, 25 Jun 2009 13:39:15 GMT
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From:           	Ashwin K <>
Subject:        	compiling mod_jk1.2.28 with apache2.2.9 on windows 2003 server 
Date sent:      	Thu, 25 Jun 2009 17:38:59 +0530

> Hi ,
> I have followed the instruction said in here "Building mod_jk for
> Apache on Windows NT/2K/XP" at this official tomcat site
> Basically the step i did was
> 1) download and install jdk1.6.0_07
> 2) download and install apapche2.2.9 msi file with headers and with
> openssl. 3) Download the source of  JK 1.2.28 Source Release zip file
> from 

Why not use the compiled binary?

>4) Install
> visual C++ 6.0 5) Then set java_home and apache2_home. 6) Then run
> MSDEV mod_jk.dsp /MAKE ALL at apache2.0 folder inside native.
> It throws error stating that mstcpip.h is missing. But real concern is
> not about the missing mstcpip.h. But the folder structure in source
> file conatins the following D:\tomcat-connectors-1.2.28-src\native
> contains only apache-1.3 and apache-2.0. Note that there is no
> apache2.2 folder. So I think, the module was meant for 2.0 and not
> 2.2. Here is the full story. I installed the apache2.2.9 and
> mod_jk-1.2.28 and tomcat5.5.20 on windows 2003 server (all in binary
> version). There is only tomcat and apache running on that server. No
> php or anything else. I have noticed that memory increase from 20KB to
> 1.5G and then crashes as there no more memory left on the machine. I
> think this is because of a memory leak with apache or on one of the
> modules. The most heavily used module is mod_jk. So I thought may be
> compiling this module from source will solve the memory leak. When I
> got the source I find only folder for apache2.0 and apache1.3. And
> there is no apache2.2 folder to compile. Can anyone tell me the reason
> for this memory leak, as we have the same setup in windows 2003 x64
> (which somewhat less heavily used than this 32-bit box) which doesn't
> produce this issue. I have installed apache-2.2.11 and found the same
> issue is reproducing. So now I am using apache2.2.9
> -- Ashwin K.
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