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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Apache Load Balancer - truncating responses?
Date Mon, 22 Jun 2009 14:58:04 GMT
Hi Dmitri.
No need to copy me personally. I am subscribed to the forum, so I get 
these messages anyway.

A very quick look at the files you posted shows the following thing that 
I personally find strange :

In the "log.txt", I see that the first browser request is a POST.
The response to that is a 302 moved, with a new location.
OK so far.
But then, when the browser re-issues the request to the new location, it 
does a GET, not a POST.

I am not sure this has to do with the issue, but did you try this with 
another browser, and does it do the same ?

Apart from that :
The response seems indeed truncated, after 16632 bytes. The last byte is 
a \xD1, which is invalid UTF-8.
The rest until then is entirely valid UTF-8, also with the correct HTTP 
header :
content-type: text/html;charset=UTF-8

So I think that you do not really have a "wrong encoding" of the 
response.  It is properly encoded.  The fact that it appears wrongly 
encoded is probably just an artifact of IE, who (rightly) never sees the 
proper closing tags of the document, and consequently loses its mind 

I have tried to open the saved page with Firefox (after renaming it to 
.html), and it does show an incomplete page, but it shows it in Russian 
(I guess) cyrillic characters.  So it does understand the encoding.

All of that to say that :
- first you should find out about the POST/GET above
- then you should try another browser
- and finally, the problem seems to be indeed a truncation of the 
result.  Now remains to find out why this happens..

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