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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Reading POSTed data
Date Wed, 17 Jun 2009 22:42:26 GMT
David Smith wrote:

> Having had to recently do some SOAP work, it looks to me that is at
> least partially what the OP was trying to begin with.  SOAP performs a
> POST with XML as the body of the request.  It's not URI encoded
> parameters or multipart data like the HTML Form posts, but a standard
> POST operation with an xml body.  This is legitimate stuff to do and I
> would consider the spec broken if it didn't support it.
> Just my two cents.
I (relunctantly) believe you're right, and that I was being 
unnecessarily pernickety.
At least according to this :

OP, all is forgiven.  And David, you get your two cents back.

.. just don't do any getParameter() with your stuff.
That, I believe, /may/ still get you in trouble.
But I'm sure by now Chuck is already checking the Tomcat code of 
getParameter(), to see if that's the case.

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