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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: daemon.log and out of memory
Date Sun, 14 Jun 2009 10:36:42 GMT
Be-Doors Tribute wrote:
> Hi, i have in the daemon.log the line:
> jsvc.exec[6486]:   Returning NIL!#012GC Warning: Out of Memory!  Returning
> NIL!
>  It is repeated for thousand line. Can it depends from tomcat? And I can
> solve it?

With questions of that kind, you should *really* provide some additional 
information.  Or do you expect people to guess ?
What is the platform where this happens ?
Where does this Tomcat come from ?
What is the Tomcat version ?
Because you did not provide any information, the following is thus pure 

/some/ java program on your system may be running under the "jsvc" 
wrapper.  The jsvc wrapper launches a Java JVM; the Java JVM launches a 
java program (maybe Tomcat, maybe something else);
The message : jsvc.exec[6486] may indicate that this jsvc process had 
the PID 6486 (when that process was running and printed this message).
The message may indicate that this JVM tried to do a Garbage Collection, 
and failed because it had no heap memory left.
This may indicate that one of your Java applications is badly leaking 
memory, or that you have wrongly configured its heap space.

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