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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Tomcat 6.0.18 access files case-insensitive
Date Thu, 11 Jun 2009 22:06:54 GMT
Caldarale, Charles R wrote:
>> From: André Warnier []
>> I also wonder what the purpose of this attribute really is, in fact.
>> Should this not always be left to "case sensitive = true" ?
> Unless you're begging for trouble, or have a really, really sloppy programming staff.
>> - but under a case-sensitive filesystem, what would be a good reason to
>> set it to "false" ?
> Extremely lazy users, or non-browser clients that were badly and inconsistently programmed.
Well, just follow me for a minute.

Suppose we do have a case-sensitive filesystem, and we set this 
attribute to false.
The URL is case-sensitive anyway. Or rather, let's say that it is 
treated "as is".

Now suppose there exists a file in the (case-sensitive) filesystem 
called "ABC.HTML".
And suppose the client asks for "/abc.html".

Now if the attribute is false, does that mean that Tomcat will try all 
possible case variations between "abc.html" and "ABC.HTML" before it 
gives up ?

And otherwise, what's the point ?

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