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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: What to upgrade?
Date Wed, 10 Jun 2009 20:33:36 GMT
Chetan Chheda wrote:
Disclaimer : The following statements are to be taken in a banking 
perspective (past bonuses are no guarantee for future ones); each 
situation is slightly different; my own Tomcat applications are not very 
sophisticated; my servers are not highly loaded; YMMV.

Having done the same a couple of times, for me this was a relatively 
painless (and quick) upgrade, both for the JVM and for Tomcat (from 
Tomcat 4.1 to 5.5)(no point in stopping at 5.0).
I have Tomcat 5.5 running with a JVM 1.6 and do not remember having 
encountered any problems with that either, so you might as well skip the 
JVM 1.5 also.
I believe Tomcat 6 has quite a few more changes compared to 4.1, so you 
may not want to risk that in one step.

Save your old tomcat/conf files somewhere for future reference, then 
install the new JVM and the new Tomcat, with the standard new conf files 
for the new Tomcat. Make sure it runs with some example webapp.
Then /manually/ introduce the needed changes to the new configuration, 
one by one, on the base of your old conf files, and check after each 
Do /not/ try to keep your old configs for the new Tomcat, or you will 
end up with a mess.

You might even be able to do this on the same server in parallel, as 
long as you change the ports of your <Connector>'s.

As for mod_jk, apart from making sure that the right Apache jk worker 
connects to the right Tomcat, I don't think that there are any real 
config changes required.  The newer mod_jk have quite a few new options 
though, which you should probably at least have a look at.

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