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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: ISAPI issues
Date Tue, 02 Jun 2009 22:02:55 GMT
On 02.06.2009 23:30, dljohnson69 wrote:
> Actually I am still on 1.2.27 but am willing to update, just cannot find a
> compiled download of the 1.2.28 dll.

> However, I made those changes and now there are no errors in the isapi.log
> but the browser errors with "service temporary unavailable".  When I check
> the logs I get "All Tomcat instances failed, no more workers left". The next
> line says, "all tomcat instances are busy or in error state".  This was
> AFTER a reboot of the physical box.

IIS and Tomcat on the same box?

Could you get your pages directly from Tomcat via its http connector
(8080 or so)?

So does it

- work never
- work sometimes, but sometimes not?

Which URL did you use, what's exactly in the log file?

> I have done nothing nor know how to use the jkstatus, it was just in the
> work or uri example files.  Let me know if I should remove it or if further

Should be available under the URL /jkmanager and is very helpful.
There's a security problem with an open jkstatus though.

> configuration needs to be done if it is needed.  Actually I have 2 Tomcat
> installs, one for ps and one for ws.

So you need to find out the port numbers (and if on different hosts the
host names) and define two workers ws and ps in the way you have done
with ajp13w.

> We are trying to mimic a 3rd party app
> of a vendor and this is the way they have theirs.  Only difference is they
> have Apace and we have IIS, hence the lack of knowledge on it. 
> I have the examples working from IIS, just not the apps for ws and ps.

Define the ws and ps workers with correct host names and ports, wrap
them in a new lb, like lbps and lbws


and put lbps resp. lbws behind the equal sign in the lines of you want to be mapped to ps resp. ws.



> Rainer Jung-3 wrote:
>> I assume you are using the latest version 1.2.28. That makes things
>> easier to discuss.
>> On 02.06.2009 21:53, dljohnson69 wrote:
>>> Cool, maybe you can help more than the log files then.  Are you referring
>>> to
>>> the configuration of the and/or the uriworkermap files
>>> or
>>> is there something else that could be involved as well?  I just started
>>> with
>>> a basic setup as instructed by some sites.  Here is what I have, if you
>>> see
>>> something that is suspect please point it out...thanks!
>>> #/examples/*=testWorker
>>> #/examples/*.jsp=testWorker
>>> #/examples/servlet/*=testWorker
>>> /admin/*=wlb
>>> /manager/*=wlb
>>> /jsp-examples/*=wlb
>>> /servlets-examples/*=wlb
>>> /wealthstation/*=ws
>>> /planningstation/*=ps
>>> /jkmanager=jkstatus
>> Can you see those in the display of the status worker (/jkmanager)?
>>> worker.list=ws,ps,wb,jkstatus
>>> worker.ajp13w.type=ajp13
>>> worker.ajp13w.port=8010
>> Better remove the socket_timeout=0, because that disables it, but it is
>> disabled by default, and we don't want to rely a "0" to mean disable in
>> all versions.
>>> socket_timeout=0
>>> worker.wlb.type=lb
>>> worker.wlb.balance_workers=ajp13w
>>> worker.jkstatus.type=status
>>> also, I have 2 apps, 2 houses the ps app, one for the ws
>>> app but from ws the user goes to the ps app once you are in it.  Should
>>> each
>>> apps file ONLY point to that context or should each
>>> have
>>> both?
>> There is only one, not one per context.
>> A worker is the same as a Tomcat connector (at least a worker of type
>> ajp13). So for each Tomcat you need to define one worker.
>> You can optionally wrap them in lb workers.
>> Which requests get send there is decided by the
>> shown above.
>> So if you only have one Tomcat, you would only use one worker (ajp13w)
>> and not also ws and ps. Since you wrapped ajp13w into wlb, you would
>> then map
>> /wealthstation/*=wlb
>> /planningstation/*=wlb
>> Theoretically you can define more than one connector (port) for ajp13
>> use in Tomcat and separate a ws, ps, ajp13w worker from each other, but
>> you need to have a serious reason for this. If you want a simple start,
>> don't separate.
>> Which requests do not work, example-URL?
>> Regards,
>> Rainer
>>> Thanks again!
>>> dljohnson69 wrote:
>>>> I have a new Tomcat install and deployed app that is working okay but
>>>> going through the isapi_redirect it gets a "bad gateway" error.   The
>>>> isapi.log has errors that says it cannot connect to tomcat, "tomcat is
>>>> down or refused connection".   Any ideas??   I would assume that all is
>>>> fine since the app works fine when going directly to Tomcat.    The
>>>> isapi-redirector is loaded and green but will not load through IIS. 
>>>> Thanks for any helpful advice, we are new to this. 

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