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From George Sexton <>
Subject Re: retrive Arabic data
Date Mon, 01 Jun 2009 18:11:17 GMT

Christopher Schultz wrote:
>> If you use something
>> like one of the ISO encodings then you're tied to English
> Don't tell that to anyone who speaks Bosnian, Croatian, Czech,
> Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Upper Sorbian,
> Lower Sorbian, Finnish, Danish, German, French, Italian, Spanish, or
> Portuguese. There are probably others covered by the ISO character sets.

Mis-Statement on my part. What I meant was if you use one of the 
single-byte ISO-encodings, you're stuck with English and any languages 
covered by that encoding. You can't have a language not covered by that 

IOW, if you're using ISO-8859-1 as the encoding on a page, you can have 
English, German, Spanish, French, etc. But, if you try to put Polish on 
the page things will mess up.

George Sexton
MH Software, Inc.
Voice: +1 303 438 9585

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