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From Leon Rosenberg <>
Subject [OT] Running multiple RMI Services
Date Tue, 30 Jun 2009 15:11:02 GMT

I understand that its utterly off-topic, but i just can't find
anything on the topic, is anybody using rmi anyway?
Here's the problem, I have two server machines A and B. On each
machine some RMIServices are running.
Lets say that A1 and A2 are running on A and B1 and B2 on B.
Now A1 and A2 may register themself on A and B1 and B2 on B.
RMIRegistry will not allow B1 and B2 register on A
or A1/A2 on B.
Now the question, how a client running on C is supposed to know where
to lookup for an instance of A1 and for an instance of B1?

What I'm really looking for is a very simple thing called NameService
which is provided with each CORBA implementation. Or at least
a method to dump an rmi reference to a string (something like the IOR,
there must be one in RMI too, I see it if I call remote.toString() :).
If I could dump it out, I would easily write a naming service myself.

So is anyone here using RMI on more than one machine?

thanks in advance!

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