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From dljohnson69 <>
Subject Re: ISAPI issues
Date Tue, 02 Jun 2009 21:30:42 GMT

Actually I am still on 1.2.27 but am willing to update, just cannot find a
compiled download of the 1.2.28 dll.

However, I made those changes and now there are no errors in the isapi.log
but the browser errors with "service temporary unavailable".  When I check
the logs I get "All Tomcat instances failed, no more workers left". The next
line says, "all tomcat instances are busy or in error state".  This was
AFTER a reboot of the physical box.

I have done nothing nor know how to use the jkstatus, it was just in the
work or uri example files.  Let me know if I should remove it or if further
configuration needs to be done if it is needed.  Actually I have 2 Tomcat
installs, one for ps and one for ws.  We are trying to mimic a 3rd party app
of a vendor and this is the way they have theirs.  Only difference is they
have Apace and we have IIS, hence the lack of knowledge on it. 

I have the examples working from IIS, just not the apps for ws and ps.

Rainer Jung-3 wrote:
> I assume you are using the latest version 1.2.28. That makes things
> easier to discuss.
> On 02.06.2009 21:53, dljohnson69 wrote:
>> Cool, maybe you can help more than the log files then.  Are you referring
>> to
>> the configuration of the and/or the uriworkermap files
>> or
>> is there something else that could be involved as well?  I just started
>> with
>> a basic setup as instructed by some sites.  Here is what I have, if you
>> see
>> something that is suspect please point it out...thanks!
>> #/examples/*=testWorker
>> #/examples/*.jsp=testWorker
>> #/examples/servlet/*=testWorker
>> /admin/*=wlb
>> /manager/*=wlb
>> /jsp-examples/*=wlb
>> /servlets-examples/*=wlb
>> /wealthstation/*=ws
>> /planningstation/*=ps
>> /jkmanager=jkstatus
> Can you see those in the display of the status worker (/jkmanager)?
>> worker.list=ws,ps,wb,jkstatus
>> worker.ajp13w.type=ajp13
>> worker.ajp13w.port=8010
> Better remove the socket_timeout=0, because that disables it, but it is
> disabled by default, and we don't want to rely a "0" to mean disable in
> all versions.
>> socket_timeout=0
>> worker.wlb.type=lb
>> worker.wlb.balance_workers=ajp13w
>> worker.jkstatus.type=status
>> also, I have 2 apps, 2 houses the ps app, one for the ws
>> app but from ws the user goes to the ps app once you are in it.  Should
>> each
>> apps file ONLY point to that context or should each
>> have
>> both?
> There is only one, not one per context.
> A worker is the same as a Tomcat connector (at least a worker of type
> ajp13). So for each Tomcat you need to define one worker.
> You can optionally wrap them in lb workers.
> Which requests get send there is decided by the
> shown above.
> So if you only have one Tomcat, you would only use one worker (ajp13w)
> and not also ws and ps. Since you wrapped ajp13w into wlb, you would
> then map
> /wealthstation/*=wlb
> /planningstation/*=wlb
> Theoretically you can define more than one connector (port) for ajp13
> use in Tomcat and separate a ws, ps, ajp13w worker from each other, but
> you need to have a serious reason for this. If you want a simple start,
> don't separate.
> Which requests do not work, example-URL?
> Regards,
> Rainer
>> Thanks again!
>> dljohnson69 wrote:
>>> I have a new Tomcat install and deployed app that is working okay but
>>> going through the isapi_redirect it gets a "bad gateway" error.   The
>>> isapi.log has errors that says it cannot connect to tomcat, "tomcat is
>>> down or refused connection".   Any ideas??   I would assume that all is
>>> fine since the app works fine when going directly to Tomcat.    The
>>> isapi-redirector is loaded and green but will not load through IIS. 
>>> Thanks for any helpful advice, we are new to this. 
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