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From "Ashwin K" <>
Subject compiling mod_jk1.2.28 with apache2.2.9 on windows 2003 server help needed.
Date Thu, 25 Jun 2009 12:08:59 GMT
Hi ,

I have followed the instruction said in here "Building mod_jk for Apache on
Windows NT/2K/XP" at this official tomcat site
Basically the step i did was

1) download and install jdk1.6.0_07
2) download and install apapche2.2.9 msi file with headers and with openssl.
3) Download the source of  JK 1.2.28 Source Release zip file from
4) Install visual C++ 6.0
5) Then set java_home and apache2_home.
6) Then run MSDEV mod_jk.dsp /MAKE ALL at apache2.0 folder inside native.

It throws error stating that mstcpip.h is missing. But real concern is not
about the missing mstcpip.h. But the folder structure in source file
conatins the following
D:\tomcat-connectors-1.2.28-src\native contains only apache-1.3 and
apache-2.0. Note that there is no apache2.2 folder. So I think, the module
was meant for 2.0 and not 2.2. 
Here is the full story.
I installed the apache2.2.9 and mod_jk-1.2.28 and tomcat5.5.20 on windows
2003 server (all in binary version). There is only tomcat and apache running
on that server. No php or anything else. I have noticed that memory increase
from 20KB to 1.5G and then crashes as there no more memory left on the
machine. I think this is because of a memory leak with apache or on one of
the modules. The most heavily used module is mod_jk. So I thought may be
compiling this module from source will solve the memory leak. When I got the
source I find only folder for apache2.0 and apache1.3. And there is no
apache2.2 folder to compile. Can anyone tell me the reason for this memory
leak, as we have the same setup in windows 2003 x64 (which somewhat less
heavily used than this 32-bit box) which doesn't produce this issue. I have
installed apache-2.2.11 and found the same issue is reproducing. So now I am
using apache2.2.9

-- Ashwin K.

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