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From Daniel Henrique Alves Lima <>
Subject Changing url rewriting behaviour (';jsessionid')
Date Mon, 29 Jun 2009 19:16:36 GMT
	Hi, everybody. First of all: I'm sorry for my poor English.

	Is it possible to change url rewriting schema to use a different path
separator (instead of ';') or even to use a request parameter (instead
of a path append) ?
	The problem:

	- I'm using OpenOffice API to convert (on the fly) some html pages from
our webapp;
	- I need to convert resources from protected paths;
	- OpenOffice don't support cookies so i must use url rewriting, BUT
OpenOffice does not seem to like the appended path ';sessionid'.

	I cannot use a simple servlet filter because Tomcat is doing
authentication/authorization (declarative security).

	Can i implement a Valve to change request path (from a request
parameter to ;jsessionid) before authentication/authorization is
performed ? Can this Valve change paths inside redirect headers and html
bodies ? Is there any other way (simpler) of doing this communication
between OpenOffice and Tomcat works ?

	The thread in ooffice forum:

	Thanks in advance !

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