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From "George Sexton" <>
Subject RE: Just a few questions on my Tomcat Configuration
Date Tue, 23 Jun 2009 00:57:00 GMT
> This is where my inexperience in tomcat will shine through.
> Scrapped all sub-d's and went with[company id]
> as the
> way to go.  It prevented me from having to edit the server.xml file and
> restart tomcat each and everytime that a company is added / subtracted.
> You
> are correct, the app  [except database access (each co. get's it's own
> schema, and it's own file storage directory) and a few files
> (context.xml
> and web.xml)] is the exact same for everyone.

This is really not necessary. We use the Tomcat Host Manager Application,
along with our own custom scripts to deploy new virtual hosts and remove
virtual hosts. It's pretty easy. The advantage of doing that is you can
create aliases within the customer's domain. I.E.

The only thing about doing it this way is you have to create your own
startup script that will generate a server.xml on the fly. IOW, when you
start Tomcat, go through and figure out all of the virtual host names, and
generate the entries in the server.xml before calling

George Sexton
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