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From "" <>
Subject startup.bat and catalina.bat -> NoClassDefFoundError: server
Date Sun, 17 May 2009 00:05:36 GMT
First, I appreciate your responses and your help. Thanks! Here's my
new question:

Short version:
We find what the launch-tomcat command is from the startup.bat and
catalina.bat files, and paste that in directly at the command line,
only to get:
"Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: server"

It it naive to think this is our problem? (E.g. the batch file may be
setting other variables...) Ideas?

Long version:

Okay, so we're trying to get Tomcat to run under 64-bit Windows 2003
Enterprise... Java is fine, but tomcat won't even begin to start.
Blip, the console window shows up and instantly goes away again, no
files open, no ports open, no tomcat/java process at all.

When we "rem" the "@echo off" statements in the Tomcat batch files to
see what's going on, we can see that the final command to execute
tomcat is:

start "Tomcat" "C:\Java\jdk1.5.0_18\bin\java" server -Xms768m -Xmx768m
-XX:PermSize=128m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -XX:NewSize=192m
-XX:MaxNewSize=384m -XX:+UseParallelGC
 -Djava.endorsed.dirs="C:\Tomcat55\common\endorsed" -classpath
-Dcatalina.base="C:\Tomcat55" -Dcatalina.home="C:\Tomcat55""C:\Tomcat55\temp"
org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap  start

Meaning that we're just basically calling java, with the tomcat
bootstrap.jar of course. So we try pasting that command (without the
'start "[arg]"') and we get:
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: server

Is this error misleading? Bootstrap.jar is indeed where it's expected...

Is there something else in the batch file that would set up a more
reasonable environment so that the 'server' class would be found? If
not, is there something obvious here that we've missed in order to get
tomcat off the ground?

C:\Tomcat55>java -version
java version "1.5.0_18"
Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.5.0_18-b02)
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 1.5.0_18-b02, mixed mode)

Java runs hello-world just fine.

Ancillary question:

tomcat connector, tomcat native, and 64-bit windows offers a ZIP download of tomcat, plus a "tomcat
connector" and a "tomcat native". There's documentation for each, but
the intended audience seems to be folks who already know what each of
those is for.

What would the "tomcat connector" be for, or what's the "native"
instance all about. At there are 64-bit downloads in
those categories, but how do they relate to the normal ZIP downloads?

will trillich
"Our only real economic security lies in our power to meet human
needs." -- S.Covey, the 8th Habit

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