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From "Michael A. Repucci" <>
Subject Re: tomcat no longer writing to log files
Date Fri, 15 May 2009 14:37:32 GMT
On Fri, May 15, 2009 at 10:20 AM, Steve Ochani <> wrote:

>  Really? Your cv/resume indicates otherwise.
> Sure your phd is in neuroscience but your current employment is listed as
> "Scientific Programmer" and so was your last employment.
> Considering that you are "Proficient" in things such as "C/C++/C#, PHP ...
> Linux OS"
> you should have considered that letting people know some details about your
> configuration/system would have helped.

That's just marketing. If you look more carefully, I've never worked outside
of academia. I've even tried, and I can't get a job as a real programmer. My
father and brother are both real programmers, and I understand the
difference between what they know and what I know. But when trying to get a
job in science doing programming, the academics that tend to hire you like
to see "proficiency", where my proficiency in any of those languages is
probably less than yours.

> Anyways, as stated by other people, get rid of the ubuntu packaged Tomcat
> and install the
> official one, also use a real Java version from SUN.

Working on it. I didn't realize that Ubuntu packages were the potentially
more difficult route. I'd made the false assumption that they might simplify
things for me.

> Also, tomcat does work "out of the box". Incorrect administration of any
> system will stop it
> from working out of the box.

Honestly, what I'm most frustrated about isn't Tomcat, per say, but the
stuff written by my colleagues that should work with Tomcat. I'm a bit
baffled how the ├╝ber-cross-platform Java (and its disciples Ant and Tomcat)
could be used to create code that is extraordinarily sensitive to the
version and platforms on which it is compiled and run. I suppose that's just
because the code was poorly written, and you could probably write platform-
and version-dependent code in any language, but it would have been nice if I
could have installed whatever the latest packages were on my system, and
compiled and run successfully the first time. Instead I'm spending upwards
of a week learning all the internals. I guess that's useful in the long run,
but I could just use some good and patient guidance. Sorry to have stepped
on anybody's toes, and thank you all for your help.

:) Michael

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