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From Andre-John Mas <>
Subject Page not completing loading - ideas?
Date Wed, 13 May 2009 23:01:14 GMT

We recently encountered an issue on one of our integration machines,  
where a fews pages will not finish loading (actually it will, but only  
after around 4 minutes), and this is not even a large page. The same  
tomcat and web application work fine on the local development  
workstation and pre-integration server. Because the integration  
machine is managed by the customer, we aren't allowed to make any  
modifications to tomcat or the webapp without their consent (which is  
not always easy politically). For this reason we need to be able work  
out what could be causing the issue.

Does anyone have any ideas of how to go about analysing the issue?

We are using Linux, Tomcat 5.5.27 and JDK 1.6. The pages are rendered  
using XSL (I suspect this issue might be here, but nothing in the logs  

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