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From Martin Gainty <>
Subject RE: Form Based Authentication creates user session before it is authenticated?
Date Wed, 13 May 2009 13:27:30 GMT

if you are asking how to overcome Man-in-the-middle fraudulent manipulation based on basic
and or Man-in-the middle fraudulent manipulation based on Form-based authentication which
uses j_username 
								and j_password and posts back to j_security_check using cleartext?

i would suggest implementation authentication using either Message-Digest or HTTPS
Message-Digest processes passwords with a Digest algorithm such as SHA, MD2, or MD5..  the
receiving entity must agree on the digested contents for authentication to occur

HTTPS or HTTP on a SSL connection usually implemented with a known key stored in a keystore
where access is controlled by CA (certificate authority) presentation of a certificate..
a good explanation of how Tomcat implements SSL details are available at

commercial vendors such as Verisign
have implemented CA servers which validate the requesting entity and the requestor to ensure
both are indeed who they say they are.. client authenticating to CA authority is a new feature
but prevents spoofed clients from order-execution and/or using spoofed credentials to effect
fraudulent transactions..I would strongly suggest you enable authentication capability in
both directions if using SSL

security elements defined and configured by Tomcat:

						Deployment descriptor <security-constraint> elements define 
							the permissions and rules for the protected Tomcat resources and 
							include the following XML elements:


						web-resource-collection - A set 
								of URL patterns and HTTP methods that describe a set of resources 
								to be protected. All requests that contain a URL pattern matched 
								in a web resource collection are subject to the constraint. auth-constraint - A set
of security 
								roles (one or more) to which a user must belong to be granted 
								access to resources matched by the web resource collections (e.g. admin/manager) user-data-constraint
- Describes 
								integrity and confidentiality requirements for the transport layer 
								of the client server.
an example of XSD which describes user-data-constraintType  would be
  <xsd:complexType name="user-data-constraintType">
    The user-data-constraintType is used to indicate how
    data communicated between the client and container should be

    Used in: security-constraint


      <xsd:element name="description"
      <xsd:element name="transport-guarantee"
    <xsd:attribute name="id" type="xsd:ID"/>

namespace j2ee is assigned xmlns:j2ee=""
where transport=guaranteeType can be NONE,INTEGRAL or CONFIDENTIAL
the latter 2 types imply use of SSL

Man in the middle fraud is a concern to all and one which should be dealt with the most secure
and reliable algorithm

anyone else?
Martin Gainty 
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> Date: Wed, 13 May 2009 07:16:50 -0500
> Subject: RE: Form Based Authentication creates user session before it is authenticated?
> > From: umeshkavade []
> > Subject: Re: Form Based Authentication creates user session before it
> > is authenticated?
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> > P.S: BTW, is Tomcat planning to resolve this vulnerability in near
> > future?
> I'll bite: what "vulnerability" are you referring to?
>  - Chuck
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