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From Marcel Stör <>
Subject Re: Static resources not found in embedded Tomcat
Date Fri, 01 May 2009 08:50:33 GMT

On 01.05.2009, at 10:20, Mark Thomas wrote:

> Marcel Stör wrote:
>> All I need for an embedded Tomcat (I'm working with 6.x) are a few
>> Tomcat JARs in my classpath, correct?
> It depends what functionality you want - you'll probably need most  
> of them.
>> I'm asking because I'm seeing a strange behavior here. Access to
>> Servlets deployed in the embedded Tomcat succeed, but requests to  
>> other
>> resources such as JSPs or static CSS files result in 404 errors.
>> I have a feeling that I'm missing something in my Tomcat setup.  
>> Here's
>> my Tomcat launcher class:
> That sounds like you haven't configured the JSP servlet or the  
> default servlet.
> Take a look at CATALINA_BASE/conf/web.xml - you probably want to  
> include some of
> that stuff in your app's web.xml

Oh yes, indeed. Isn't it obvious...gosh.


Marcel Stör,
Skype: marcelstoer

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