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From david owens <>
Subject hot-deploy problems
Date Fri, 01 May 2009 14:52:07 GMT

I hope you folks are not sick to death of this question, but
I have still not found a satisfactory answer.

I used to hot-deploy war files with no problems, and about
half the time I get "ZipException: error in opening zip
file", or "Illegal access: this web application
instance has been stopped already." errors.

I don't currently specify a config.xml and it seems to
have something to do with that (docbase and appbase being
the same?).

But I hate to add app configurations that are not contained
in the war files themselves.  Is there a way to solve this
with the META-INF/config.xml?  If so, can someone please
provide an example?  If not, what is the best solution?  (I
have no spaces or other unusual characters in my jar or war
file names, and half the time things work fine).

Thank you much,
-- David D.


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