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From Peter Crowther <>
Subject RE: Performance with many small requests
Date Mon, 11 May 2009 08:48:57 GMT
> From: David kerber []
> My cpu usage for tomcat
> has gone from bouncing between 0 and 1 in task manager, to a steady 2
> since more threads are now actually doing work instead of waiting around
> for their turn at the code, my disk writes per sec in perfmon have also
> more than doubled, and the destination log file is growing much faster
> as well.

All excellent news.  The fact that you've seen the performance double means that there was,
in fact, a bottleneck there.  Have you taken a new thread dump to see whether the locks (almost
certainly on the log write) are still a problem?  If so, you might have to go to a more complex
scheme such as multiple log files managed by a pool manager.  Don't even try to write the
pool manager yourself; they're horribly messy things to get right and shake the race conditions
out*.  I half-remember Jakarta Commons has one that can be adapted if you get to that stage.

> Thanks a ton!!!

No problem.

- Peter

* Yes, I did implement one.  I still have the scars.

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