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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Tomcat not closing threads -- SOLVED ??
Date Tue, 26 May 2009 19:17:24 GMT
Chetan Chheda wrote:
> After some digging thru config files setup by the vendor, I think I might have found
the root cause ..Correlating the access_log and tomcat logs, I found out that tomcat threads
were shooting up whenever a large number of GIF files were being requested. 
> These are the modjk settings in our application config files that are included in httpd.conf

> JkMount /LCSW/* ajp13   
> JkMount /LCSW/*.jsp ajp13
> JkMount /LCSW/*.jsp/* ajp13

The above seems totally redundant to me.  The first JkMount will 
"capture" anything starting with /LCSW/, no ?
If yes, then the following two are totally redundant.

> So when an image is accessed via the following URL, http://blahbhal/LCSW/images/header.gif
, the above routes were sending it to tomcat. I verified this by shutting down tomcat and
accessing the above URL, and was unsuccessful.
> Now I plan to add the following excludes 
> JkUnMount /*.htm ajp13
> JkUnMount /*.html ajp13
> JkUnMount /*.png ajp13
> JkUnMount /*.gif ajp13
> JkUnMount /*.jpg ajp13

That will work.

> I tested the above in a test environment and was able to access a gif file with tomcat
> my question is, how does the ajp13 connector interpret a gif file/static content request
as opposed to a jsp request? 
As far as I know, it does not see the difference, nor care about it.  It 
only takes into account the match/unmatch of the request URL.  It has no 
idea of what "static" or "dynamic" content is.

Separately :

For the kind of thing you are doing above, there exists an alternative 
syntax to the JkMount/JkUnMount pair, which I personally prefer because 
I find that it better "fits" in the Apache configuration logic.

Here is an example :

<Location /LCSW>
   SetHandler jakarta-servlet
   SetEnvIf REQUEST_URI \.(html?|png|gif|jpg)$ no-jk

(You can of course easily insert other Apache statements inside the same 
Location block, for example authentication etc..

You find this toward the end of this documentation page :

The "SetHandler jakarta-servlet" does essentially the same as the 
JkMount, for everything that fits under /LCSW.
The SetEnvIf then selectively sets the Apache environment variable 
"no-jk" (here, whenever the request URI ends in one of the listed 
The mod_jk module is always called (because it is the content handler 
for this section), but it declines to process this URL because the no-jk 
variable is set.
Apache thus processes the request with its own default handler, which 
serves the content.

To see exactly what happens, step by step, set the JkLogLevel to 
"debug", make a request, and look at the jk logfile.

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