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From Juha Laiho <>
Subject Re: Please help
Date Tue, 26 May 2009 17:11:14 GMT
Sibusiso khoza wrote:
> Mark
> Your efforts to assist are greatly appreciated.  Please don't take my
> next question as a sign of laziness or stupidity.  I'm a biginner when
> it comes to  programming and have been struggling with this one issue
> for ages.
> I did everything in your suggested sollution. The one bit I need to
> clearify is the in :
> <servlet-class></servlet-class>
> I have the WebStocks class in the  C:/program files/apache group/tomcat
> 4.1/webapps/root/web-inf/classes directory
> How should I write the full package name?? .  <servlet-class>.?.
> </servlet>.


packages are an important concept of the Java language, not in any way
tied to servlets. Package names also have an effect in how the Java
virtual machine finds class files, and understanding how package names
are connected to the required directory hierarchy for class files is
something that should be learned before working with servlets.

These things are not hard to learn, but they're something you'll just
need to know. TO gain the knowledge, please devote some time to the
Java tutorial published by Sun:

I would recommend at least glancing through the "Hello World" application
example in the "Getting started" part of the tutorial; there are some steps
to ensure that your environment is sane and all the needed pieces are in
proper places.

After that, the "Learning the Java Language" trail at is what you'll
need; from there it'll be at least "Language Basics", "Classes and Objects",
"Interfaces and Inheritance", "Numbers and Strings", and "Packages".

Yes, it's reading, and as such, boring (not!). It'll give you the needed
foundation to continue (such as the basic knowledge to get more information
out of the help provided here by others).

I hope this was of any help - even though perhaps not exactly the help
you came here for.

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