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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Deploy Tomcat Standalone - good idea or not?
Date Tue, 19 May 2009 20:37:02 GMT
johnrock wrote:
> I am going to be deploying a webapp on CentOS (Spring/Hibernate/Tomcat) that
> is JSP based and has hardly any static content..I am planning to start out
> with 1 tomcat server and 1 db server.
> I think that I do not need an apache front end and can simply run tomcat
> standalone. Is this a bad idea? 
> The two options I am considering are:
> 1. Have a firewall redirect traffic directly to my tomcat server on port
> 8080
> or
> 2. Have a firewall route traffic to an apache instance on port 80 running on
> the same machine as tomcat server. Apache would then function merely to
> redirect requests to tomcat on port 8080.
> Which is a better idea? Or are neither preferred? At this point I do not
> want to run a third machine just for apache, but would it cause performance
> decrease to run apache on the same machine as my main tomcat server? Is it
> neccessary ?
Well, maybe Chris could add one column to his tests, showing Apache + 
mod_jk proxying the requests to Tomcat ?
(reference to another thread, "Apache httpd vs Tomcat static content 
performance [some results]"
Then we'd see how much overhead Apache + mod_jk add to the mix.

In any case, considering the setup you explain above, there does not 
seem to be any point to have a front-end Apache, at the contrary it can 
only add overhead and complexity.
But make sure to read this other thread if you have static content, at 
least to choose the correct Tomcat Connector configuration.

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