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From David Smith <>
Subject Re: tomcat no longer writing to log files
Date Fri, 15 May 2009 14:57:09 GMT
Michael A. Repucci wrote:
> On Fri, May 15, 2009 at 10:20 AM, Steve Ochani <> wrote:
>>  Really? Your cv/resume indicates otherwise.
>> Sure your phd is in neuroscience but your current employment is listed as
>> "Scientific Programmer" and so was your last employment.
>> Considering that you are "Proficient" in things such as "C/C++/C#, PHP ...
>> Linux OS"
>> you should have considered that letting people know some details about your
>> configuration/system would have helped.
> That's just marketing. If you look more carefully, I've never worked outside
> of academia. I've even tried, and I can't get a job as a real programmer. My
> father and brother are both real programmers, and I understand the
> difference between what they know and what I know. But when trying to get a
> job in science doing programming, the academics that tend to hire you like
> to see "proficiency", where my proficiency in any of those languages is
> probably less than yours.
>> Anyways, as stated by other people, get rid of the ubuntu packaged Tomcat
>> and install the
>> official one, also use a real Java version from SUN.
> Working on it. I didn't realize that Ubuntu packages were the potentially
> more difficult route. I'd made the false assumption that they might simplify
> things for me.
>> Also, tomcat does work "out of the box". Incorrect administration of any
>> system will stop it
>> from working out of the box.
> Honestly, what I'm most frustrated about isn't Tomcat, per say, but the
> stuff written by my colleagues that should work with Tomcat. I'm a bit
> baffled how the ├╝ber-cross-platform Java (and its disciples Ant and Tomcat)
> could be used to create code that is extraordinarily sensitive to the
> version and platforms on which it is compiled and run. I suppose that's just
> because the code was poorly written, and you could probably write platform-
> and version-dependent code in any language, but it would have been nice if I
> could have installed whatever the latest packages were on my system, and
> compiled and run successfully the first time. Instead I'm spending upwards
> of a week learning all the internals. I guess that's useful in the long run,
> but I could just use some good and patient guidance. Sorry to have stepped
> on anybody's toes, and thank you all for your help.
> :) Michael
Webapps written to the servlet spec aren't super-sensitive.  If written
to spec, there might be some minor bit of setup (e.g. database pool),
but otherwise they should just plain work.  Your colleagues may have
done things outside the spec if their stuff doesn't just work with a
minor bit of setup like a database pool if needed.

Adding to that, tomcat as packaged at and run on Sun's
JVM isn't sensitive either.  I've never had any trouble setting up an
instance of it, but then again, I don't use the third party packages
either.  If your system is using some other JVM like Kaffe, it may be
contributing to your headaches.

Try this for a confidence builder:
  - get tomcat 6 from
  - unpack wherever you like
  - make sure you have a Sun JVM  version 1.5 or better installed and
available (execute the command java -version to see what comes up)
  - cd into tomcat's bin directory
  - start tomcat with ./
  - go to your favorite browser and browse http://localhost:8080 (I
think that's the default, out of the box http connector port) and see
the magic.

Once you have that success, add your webapp to the webapps directory and
check it out on that same browser.  'tis just that simple.


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