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From Dave Filchak <>
Subject Re: General config errors
Date Fri, 15 May 2009 04:36:16 GMT
Caldarale, Charles R wrote:
>> From: Dave Filchak []
>> Subject: Re: General config errors
>> When I add the second host (the exodus app) and restart tomcat and run
>> netstat -pan | grep LISTEN | grep tcp again, port 8009 no longer shows
>> up and neither does the new port for the second connector on 8010.
> Take out the greps and just eyeball the raw netstat output.  See if those ports show
up in some other condition.
I have them all showing up at this point. However, when I view the 
exodus app, I get a blank page.
>> I have killed red5 and no other java entry shows
>> up under netstat except the ones I expect.
> What can you see in ps output?
Really just a single java instance. Not much else of interest to this
> I don't see anything wrong with the second server.xml, but maybe someone who hasn't been
in bloody meetings most of the day might be able to catch something.  Can't comment on the
mod_jk config, since I don't use httpd.
> Can you access the exodus webapp via, or haven't you deployed
it yet?
I have deployed it several times and eventually, most often after a 
tomcat restart, I lose the ports. I know this is why Andre feels that 
there is another tomcat instance running on my machine but I just do not 
see it.

Thank you all for your patience today. I am way too tired to keep going 
so will have to continue tomorrow. Thanks again.


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