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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: tomcat no longer writing to log files
Date Thu, 14 May 2009 23:02:47 GMT
Michael A. Repucci wrote:
> Seems like a bit of animosity toward Tomcat has finally helped me make
> progress, mostly because it got all you gurus to actually explain a bit of
> how it works, and how it's packaged, all concepts I didn't understand. I'm a
> scientist, not a programmer. I'm new to Ubuntu and Tomcat. My colleagues
> have been completely unhelpful in this process. It works on their systems,
> so they've just left me to struggle on my own.

No wonder, if you're always grouchy like that.

> My frustration is further fueled by the fact that the web site that our
> application will soon handle ( is working
> just fine as static html; it doesn't change much, and most of the pages (not
> viewable externally) are generated automatically from code, using m2html or
> doxygen. But now they want me to integrate this site into the JSP format
> seen at the root (, despite the fact that I have
> zero experience with Tomcat, Java, or JSP, and nearly no web application
> development experience.
Life is tough sometimes.  We empathise.

> It would have been nice if Tomcat just worked, out of the box, but it took
> me a couple days just to get it up and running. 

I hesitate to tell you this, considering the possible nefarious 
additional effect on your mood, but for most people it takes only a few 
(I'm talking mostly of programmers though, don't really know about 

Now Tomcat works, at least
> the default page and the example webapps, but the application that my
> colleagues built won't work. This is their fault, as far as I'm concerned,
> yet there's nothing I can do to force them to improve what is probably
> sloppy code on their part.
You could try your recipe of being rude to them also, it may work too.

> So I'm just looking for some help. Sorry to insult Tomcat, but thanks for
> the useful feedback. I'll work on the suggestions and let you know if I
> can't make any progress.
> :) Michael
:) André

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