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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: tomcat no longer writing to log files
Date Thu, 14 May 2009 20:09:16 GMT
Michael A. Repucci wrote:
> Hi Tomcat'ers,
> I'm completely new to Tomcat, and very unfamiliar with JSP or web
> applications in general. I've been trying to set up an application on my
> system (Ubuntu 9.04) that works just fine on my colleagues' systems (Windows
> XP). I've got Tomcat working just fine, and the manager and demo
> applications all work. But loading our application was giving me errors.
> Before I can let you know what the errors are, I need help making Tomcat
> write them once again to the log files. See, I did a silly thing. I wanted
> to clear the log files (catalina.out and ourapp.log), so I just opened them,
> emptied them, and resaved them. (Dumb, I know. I was getting frustrated.) Lo
> and behold, Tomcat stopped writing to them, even after completely restarting
> my computer. How can I get Tomcat to rewrite to these files? I've searched
> all over this group's archive and the web, and the closest thing I found was
> this not so helpful suggestion (
> Any ideas?
Did you try stopping Tomcat, deleting these logfiles altogether, and 
restarting Tomcat ?

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